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Cash Control

Opening and closing, control the shift and handling of your team's receipts.

Financial Management

Financial charts, accounts receivable and accounts payable so you know where your money is going.

Control of On the Cuff Sales

Control the spun / hangs and have your customers' current account statement with great simplicity.

Stock Control!

Control the stock of your products, complements or inputs, in addition to the technical data sheet!.

Order Control

Control orders by Tables / Commands, Orders for Delivery at the POS / Cashier front.

200 orders / month! Unlimited
Printer Control!

Set up printers and send orders directly to the kitchen.!

2 Printers
(Box and Kitchen!)
User Control!

Register collaborators and release permissions according to their roles!

1 user Unlimited
Internet menu

Publish your menu online, post it on your social networks with the option to receive orders via WhatsApp.

For orders integrated with Consumer, it is necessary to contract Site Delivery. See below for more details.

Google Maps integration

Google Maps integration to view your customers on the map.

-block cloud backup

Google Drive and DropBox integration for cloud backup storage

Fidelity program

Loyalty program for points or cashback


Control of discount coupons by value or percentage, products and limitation by quantities

Caller ID Integration

Use a second monitor at the counter to call up passwords and expedite deliveries to your establishment.

Unlimited PCs

Use on multiple computers on your local network, without limit of stations, we do not charge additional per PC = )

Free support
Basic (by email)

Support for questions by email.


Support by email, chat, telephone, remote access and individual training from Monday to Saturday with priority service.

Consumer Mobile
Online Delivery Platform
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